User not found

What does it mean?

You will sometimes find the 'User not found' error message displayed when trying to log in to your Padlet account. This is because the email address being entered does not exist in our database.

How do you fix it?

Native accounts (Neon, Gold, Platinum, Teams, Classroom)

Is there any other email address you might have used to log in with Padlet? The possibilities may include a personal email, work email and/or a school email. Also, keep in mind, you may have logged in previously using SSO. If this is the case, you will need to sign in using the Log in with Google button (or whichever SSO button you chose to use when you initially signed up).

Briefcase and Padlet for Schools accounts

Sometimes, this error may occur for Padlet for Schools and/or Briefcase members. Please check your URL to make sure you are on the right domain. These accounts have an address ending in - not It will look something like this:

It is also possible that your login credentials are not recognized. Please check with your account administrator to verify log-in details.

Please reach out us if you need help.

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