Wrong password

If you keep getting the 'Wrong password' error message when attempting to log in to your account, there could be a few different things happening:

  • You've entered the wrong password
  • You're logging into the wrong domain
  • Caps lock is on/off
  • You're logging in using the wrong email

How does it happen?

You go to the Padlet login page and enter your email and password. You click Log in and get a screen that looks like the one below. You're positive you've entered the correct password so what is going on?

It is the wrong password

I don't know about you, but I don't like to be wrong. Although I can put my life on the fact that I'm entering the right password - I may be mistaken. (Shh - no one needs to know that this, in fact, does happen from time to time). So, how do you remember the actual password? Either a miracle is performed in the moment and it magically enters your brain -- or you can make a new one!

Simply click the Forgot password? link directly below the error message to reset it.

This link will take you to a page where you can request a password reset link. Enter your email or username and click Submit. This will send a link to your email (the one you just entered) that will allow you to change your password.

If you do not receive the password reset link within a few minutes of requesting one be sure to check your Spam, Junk and Promotions folders. Sometimes the email will end up in one of these places. If you are still having trouble - reach out to our customer support team and we can help further.

Wrong domain

A project is due in your World History class and has to be presented on a padlet. You need to log in to your school's account to give some last minute, final touches before the class begins. You go to padlet.com to sign in and..........'Wrong password.' What are you going to do?

Well, for starters, don't panic! This is an easy fix. If your school is part of one of our Padlet for Schools plans you are most likely going to the wrong domain to log in to your account. Instead of going to padlet.com you will need to log in at your school's unique domain. It will look something like: yourschoolhere.padlet.org. These are two separate domains and can be confusing at times - especially in a rush! For instructions on how to log in to your Padlet for Schools account, click here!

Caps lock

Entering the wrong password can be as simple as having the caps lock on/off when it shouldn't be. No worries! It happens to the best of us! You can check the light indicator on your keyboard to see if it's turned on or off. If you're still not sure - check the box next to 'Show' (opposite of 'Enter password') so that your password is displayed as it's typed instead of being blocked out.

Wrong email

Many Padlet users have more than one account. You may have a Team Gold account under one email to share padlets with your colleagues, but you also have a free account under a different email that you prefer to keep private. Be sure you are using the email that is associated with the correct account you are logging into. If you're not using the correct email - chances are - you will receive the 'Wrong password' error.

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