There's nothing there / 404 - Not found

Seeing a 404 page saying the page does not exist will make anyone's heart drop. While there is a chance that you're accessing a deleted page, the vast majority of the time, there's a more benign cause:

1. A mistyped URL. Check again with the padlet creator if the URL shared is correct. If the link is right, there's a chance the creator updated the address from something like, to

2. Padlet is private. Have you been invited to a private padlet? Maybe you need to accept the invitation sent by email. Please get in touch with the padlet owner to resend the invitation if you have not received the initial email.

3. Padlet is deleted. There's not much we can do in this case, but the padlet owner has likely created a new one that's accessible to everyone. Reach out to the owner to check!

If you are the owner and unable to access your padlet, contact our support team immediately. We'll do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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