How can I hide posts?

The best way to hide posts on a padlet is to require post approval in the Content options of your padlet settings page.

There is currently no way to hide posts from a certain group of users in particular but if you are the owner of the padlet, you can turn on post moderation so that every time someone tries to post on your padlet, you get to decide whether and when that post appears on your padlet.

Here's how to turn on the require approval feature for your padlet.

How to turn on require approval

Post moderation can be enabled in order to hide unapproved posts. These posts do not display until the padlet owner approves them.

To enable this feature, open the settings panel by clicking on the cog icon and then go to the Content options. Once you turn on require approval, you can click outside of the panel, and your change will autosave.

Settings >> Content - Require Approval >> SAVE

When someone writes a post, it will not appear to others until you or an admin of the padlet approve that post.

For example, this is what a padlet would look like if someone posted on it, but you had not approved their posts yet:

This is what the padlet would look like to others since the new posts aren't approved:

And this is what you as the owner of the page would see:

Once you approve the posts, everyone will be able to see them.

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