How do I join a padlet?

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Here's how to join someone else's padlet.

Padlets are secret by default. This means they are not searchable on the web. You need at least one of these three things to join someone else's padlet:

  • Link
  • QR code
  • Email invitation

These will come from the padlet owner. If you're simply exploring what is in the Padlet world, feel free to visit our awesome Gallery.

If you are trying to edit a padlet shared with you by someone else, the owner of the padlet must adjust the privacy settings to give visitors editing permission.
  • Contributors may access a padlet with a link provided by the padlet creator which looks like this:

  • It can either be clicked or typed in the browser or app.
  • You can also click the "Join a padlet" button on your dashboard and enter the link in the window that pops up.
To use the "Join a padlet" button, you must have a link to the padlet.

Joining with QR code

  • If you have been given a QR code for access, you can use your device or app's QR code scanner. The padlet will automatically open in the app.
  • One some devices, you need only to view the QR code with your camera.
  • If there's a + sign on the padlet, you can add your posts.

Email Invitation

  • If you have received an email invitation from Padlet, just click the link in the email. It will redirect you to the padlet you have been invited to.
Install the Padlet Android and iOS app on your devices to automatically open padlets with a mobile device.

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