How do I organize padlets?

Marie Kondo once said, "A messy room equals a messy mind." We've taken this to heart and set up features so you can organize your padlets. Organizing padlets can make a huge difference in your productivity and happiness. You'll see below a couple of tricks to manage padlets in your account.


  1. Create New Folder from the dashboard.
  2. Type in the folder title.
  1. Select padlets to add to the folder.

The folder displays on the dashboard next to your padlet directories. Just visit that folder to view all related padlets.

To remove a padlet from a folder, follow these steps:

  • Open the folder
  • Select padlet and click the three dots on the right
  • Press Remove from folder

Central Wall

Folders are currently limited to padlets you own. If there are padlets made by others you wish to save, you can create a central wall with links to these padlets. Think Inception but, instead of dreams, it's a wall within a wall. Here's how:

  1. Create a main/parent wall
  2. Copy the sub-wall link
  3. Add a post to the parent wall. Click the 🔗 icon and paste the sub-wall link

Here's an example of a central wall with several links embedded in it.

Now you can reach all your favorite padlets with a single click from the main padlet!

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