Comments are disappearing

You know you commented on a post for your homework assignment but now you can't find it anywhere! It's gone!

Did someone delete it? -- Possibly, but not likely.

Was it a dream? -- Maybe, but also highly unlikely.

Then, where did it go?

Commenting on a post

It may look like you've commented on a post correctly and you can safely navigate away from the padlet without worry. However, looks can be deceiving! Pay careful attention that you have submitted your comment properly now, so that you don't turn into Panicking Patty/Pete later.

When leaving a comment, make sure to press Enter or click the Send icon () when you're done. If you click outside the comment box, your work will unfortunately not be saved.

To be certain your comment is submitted correctly, check for a timestamp which will appear next to your name after you're finished.

If you're certain the comment was submitted correctly and it has disappeared, it may be due to having poor internet connection at the time of submission. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes and cannot always be prevented. The comment cannot be recovered and you will need to resubmit it.

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