Edit a post

Edit post content

To edit a post, you must be the author of the post or an administrator of the padlet.

To edit the content of a post, hover over the three-dot vertical ellipsis button (...) in the top right corner of the post and click Edit. The post will enlarge and become editable.

Make sure you click on Update to save your changes.

Edit post color

To edit the color of a post, click the three-dot vertical ellipsis button (...) at the top right of the post and choose the color you want using the circular icons.

Embrace change! Embrace life! Embrace Padlet!

If you're having trouble editing a post or editing any part your padlet, check out this Troubleshooting article - I can't edit - for possible reasons and solutions.


I can't edit my post. What do I do?
If you contributed to someone else's padlet, you should contact them to update the post. If you created a padlet and can't seem to edit the posts, make sure you are logged into your account. Click here to troubleshoot issues with editing your posts.
I created a padlet, I'm logged into my account and I still cannot edit my post. What gives?
If you have multiple Padlet accounts, you may be logged into the wrong one. Make sure you're logged into the account that made the padlet. Still having trouble? Contact us!

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