Change post size

Wide posts

Your posts have a lot of important content. We get it - you have a lot to say! Now you just wish you didn't have to scroll so much to read the entire post. Wish granted!

In the padlet Settings panel you can change the size of your posts from Standard to Wide. Just click on the Settings cog icon (⚙️)on the right-hand side of your padlet > Appearance > Post size.

Canvas format

It's only possible to manually change the size of your posts in the Canvas format. If your padlet is in any of the other six formats you will not be able to manually resize your post. You will only be able to use Standard or Wide.

Manually resize your posts

  • Non-touch devices: Hover the cursor on the edge of post. When the double-headed arrow displays, drag to adjust its size.
  • Touch devices: Pinch and zoom on the image!

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