Hide a padlet from team members

If you're a member of a Team and your role is Maker, Admin or Owner you are able to make padlets within the Team. By default, all padlets will be hidden from every member of the Team, regardless of role. If your goal is to have your padlet hidden from your Team members, you're already set!

If you want other Team members to see the padlet, you can change the privacy settings by following the steps below:

  1. Start from the padlet. To change the 'Link privacy' settings, select the Share arrow button on the top-right side of your padlet.
  1. In the panel that opens, select the dropdown menu next to 'Link privacy' and Team Only should already be selected. If it's not, select that option.
  1. Finally, go to 'Display on team dashboard' and move the toggle button to the ON position. If the toggle button is OFF it will not be displayed in your Team dashboard for everyone in the Team to see.

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