You are able to add polls to posts as interactive attachments. Anyone who can create a post on a padlet can add a poll as an attachment.

Here's how to add a poll to your padlet.

Add a poll

  1. Open up the post composer by selecting the plus button (+)
  2. Open the content picker by selecting the three-dot ellipsis button (...) in the center portion of the post composer.
  1. Select Poll.
  1. Fill out your question and choices and select Add. Polls must contain a question and between two and four choices.
  1. Select Publish. You can fill out the rest of the post if you want.

View poll results

  • The poll author and any admins on the padlet will see a Show results button on a poll that lets them see the current results of a poll.
  • Padlet visitors that do not fall into the above categories will not be able to see results until they vote.
  • If the poll is closed, a trophy icon indicates which option received the most votes.
  • Poll results can be viewed from standard view, expanded view, and Slideshow view.

Close a poll

  • Posts with a poll as the attachment will have a Close poll button.
    • If a poll is closed, voting is no longer allowed. Anyone viewing a closed poll will see the results page.
  • If a poll is closed, the Close poll button in the action menu will change to Open Poll.
    • A poll can be re-opened after closing.
      • Re-opening a poll does not clear previous entries.
    • A re-opened poll allows people to vote if they haven’t already.
  • Only the poll author and padlet admins can close and open polls.


Who can vote on a poll?
Anyone with access to the padlet.
What are the character limits?
Poll questions have a character limit of 500. Choices have a character limit of 100.
Can I edit a poll after I post it?
No. The post containing a poll can be edited after posting but not the poll itself.

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