Add Padlet to Brightspace LMS using LTI 1.0

Adding Padlet to Brightspace LMS using LTI 1.0

Deprecation notice: LTI 1.0 will no longer be supported by IMS Global from June 2022 onwards. We do not offer this connector for new users. Existing users should migrate to the new LTI 1.3 standard.

There are two different types of integrations for LMS available in Padlet, namely LTI 1.0 and LTI 1.3. For the LTI 1.0 tool, each padlet has to be added individually as an external tool in each individual assignment using ALL of the respective steps below.

This article will describe how to connect Padlet to Brightspace using LTI 1.0. If your Brightspace version supports 1.3, you may use our new connector described in this article.

What you will need:

  • Access to the Administrator account on Brightspace
  • Access to the Teacher account on Padlet for Schools

Setting up LMS integration for Brightspace (for Admins only)

  1. Add to LMS as an external tool

Open the padlet you want to add on Padlet and click on Share. You should see the option to "Add to LMS as an external tool". Go ahead and click on that. Take note of your Consumer key and Shared secret and share it with your Brightspace administrator.

  1. Add Padlet as a Tool Provider

Go to External Learning Tools (LTI) > Manage Tool Providers > New Link

  1. Enter the Consumer Key and Shared Secret that was shared

Be sure to check the box next to 'Use custom tool consumer information instead of default.'

  1. Enter Tool details


Information to be entered

Launch point


Inherit Global (1.1)

OAuth Signature Method



Listed on Padlet as Shared secret


Listed on Padlet as Consumer key

Here is a sample screenshot with the fields filled out.

  1. Change Security Settings

This is to allow Padlet to be visible to all users. Use the same Security Settings as those seen below:

  1. Add Org Units

Change the Org Units that can use the tool provider. Now you can Save and close the tool provider.

Adding Padlet to Brightspace Modules (for Teachers only)

  1. Go to External Learning Tools (LTI)

Go to Manage External Learning Tool Links > New Link

  1. Add to LMS as an external tool
    Open the padlet you want to add on Brightspace and click on Share. You should see the option to Add to LMS as an external tool. Go ahead and click on that. You'll be presented with some information that you'll need to copy and paste into Brightspace.

  1. Course details

Fill in the fields accordingly:


Padlet 1.0 - Assignment (use a name that will help you easily identify it later)



Select Allow users to view this link


Select Sign messages with key/secret with and Tool consumer key/secret

Custom Parameters

Listed on Padlet as Custom parameters

Break each line into its components separated by the "=" sign. For example, if the Custom Parameters in the panel on Padlet look like this:


You'll need to add 2 custom parameters to the form: the first custom parameter should be "public_key" and its value "beefcafe123" (similar to the image below). If you have chosen to let users work on their own padlets, the second line needs to be "remake" and its value "yes".

Security settings

Select Use tool provider security settings

Here's an example of how to break up a custom parameter:

  1. Once done, click on Save and Close.
  2. Head to course content
    Content > Select a Module or Add a Module > Existing Activities. Search and select Padlet (or the name you've given it in Step 3) from the "External Tool Activity" menu.

The padlet should show up like this on Brightspace!

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