Leave a padlet

If you have been added to a padlet as a Collaborator, it will show up in the Shared tab on your dashboard. This is how to remove yourself as a collaborator and remove the padlet from the Shared tab.

  1. Open the padlet you wish to leave.
  2. Click on the Share arrow on the top right of the padlet and select Leave.
  3. You will see a warning message saying that you will need to be invited back by the administrator to be a member of the padlet again. Select Leave.


Why can't I see this option when I click SHARE?
Leaving a padlet may not be possible for one of two reasons: You are the owner of the padlet or have not been added as a member of the padlet.
Why am I still seeing the padlet in my dashboard?
If you see the padlet in your Shared tab, you will need to leave the padlet to remove it from the tab. You can also ask the creator of the padlet to remove you as a collaborator.
Will my posts be removed when I leave a padlet?
Posts you created will not be affected by leaving a padlet. If you'd like to delete your posts you can do so before leaving a padlet.

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