Remove a shared padlet

Sometimes sharing is caring, but sharing can also be a burden. Like a messy houseguest or leftover seafood, it can be nice to get an unwanted shared padlet out of your space.

Which padlets show up in the Shared tab?

The padlets that show up in your Shared tab are padlets that you have been invited to collaborate on.

How can I remove padlets from the Shared tab?

To remove a padlet from the Shared tab, you'll need to leave the padlet. You can read about this process in detail in this post, but here is the basic idea:

  1. Open the padlet you wish to leave from your dashboard's Shared folder.
  2. Click Share on the side or bottom bar, then press Leave this padlet.
  3. You will see a warning message saying that you will need to be invited to be a member of the padlet again. Select Leave.

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