Using Padlet for video discussions

Padlet is a great platform for video discussions. You can record and upload videos, share via link or QR code, and leave comments on each other's videos.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with video discussions on Padlet.

How to create a video discussion board

  1. Make a padlet
    • From the dashboard, click + Make
    • Choose a format. If you use the format Stream, your videos will appear in a top-to-bottom feed.
    • Customize your padlet by adding a title, description, and changing the wallpaper.
    • Click the plus (+) button to add a video. Use the video recorder from the attachment options.
  2. Share the padlet
    • Click the Share arrow and select Copy link to clipboard. You can also share via QR code if your students have mobile devices or tablets.
    • Share this link in your LMS or any other communication channel.
  3. Collect videos and discuss
    • Have your students add their videos to the padlet and watch each other’s videos.
    • Enable comments by clicking the Settings button to increase interaction.
    • Enable comments so your students can add video and text comments
Use our Flip Importer to import your existing Flip (fka Flipgrid) videos into Padlet effortlessly! Learn how here!

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