How do I join or leave a team?

Are you looking to get started with a team on Padlet? Or are you ready to strike off on your own? Here's how to join or leave a team.

Join a team

To join an existing team you will need an owner or admin of that team to invite you. Find more information on inviting users to teams here.

Leave a team

To leave your team, start on your dashboard and click the three dot ellipsis (...) on the bottom left hand side of your screen. From there, select the button that says Settings, squared in red below.

On your profile settings page, scroll down to your team settings on the left side of your screen and select the button that says Members under your team's title, squared below.

On your team's Members page, select your team role button. This is the button thats says your role within the team. It might say Admin, Maker, or Contributor, squared below:

When you select your team role button, a new window will pop up with the option to leave the team at the bottom, squared below in red.

Select this option if you're certain you want to leave, confirm your choice, and you're a free padleteer.

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