How do I set a cover image?

What is a cover image?

It's the preview of your padlet when it's shared on other padlets (padlet-within-a-padlet) or in social media. The default preview is typically the first image on your padlet page. If there's none, we pick the wallpaper.

If you don't like the assigned cover image, you can choose your own!

To set a cover image,

  • Select an image from the padlet.
  • Click (...) on the top right of the post
  • Click 'Set as cover image'. The image you choose will then be the preview for when you share a padlet link in another padlet.

How do I check what the cover image of a padlet is?

From the more menu on the top right (or top left for users in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew) of your padlet (three dots), choose the Info option. That'll show you a summary of the current padlet, including the cover image.

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