How do I switch from monthly to yearly payments (or vice versa)?

Switching from monthly to yearly payment works out cheaper! You get 20% off by paying upfront, the math works out so that you actually only pay for 10 months for a 12-month service.

  1. To change your payment plan, head to Settings by going to the far lefthand side of the screen and pressing the cog button (⚙)

On the left-hand side, click Memberships & Billing. From this page, under Payment Info, click Switch to yearly (or monthly).

  1. This will open up a new page prompting you to select the change's effectivity date.

Credits will be given for the unused portion of your existing plan. For example, if you just paid for a month, the rest of the month you're in will be applied as a credit. This is deducted from your total price.

  1. A summary will be displayed, outlining the charges and your billing terms. If you're happy with the amount, click confirm and you're all done and paid for the year/month!

Happy Padlet-ing :)

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