Set up and Join Padlet Backpack

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Set up Padlet Backpack

Being a member of a Backpack account unlocks more awesome features in Padlet! To access them, you can create a sitewide account by signing for a 30-day free trial or joining a Backpack account someone has already set up for your organization.

A Backpack account is managed by one administrator. If you are an existing Padlet Basic user, you can join a Backpack account using the same email address without any conflict.

Join a Backpack Account

If you want to join a Backpack account that has been created by someone else, the owner or a teacher must first invite you to their organization.

Administrators who have enabled SSO registration for their Backpack account would only need to share the official backpack address.

You can then just use Microsoft or Google to register.

Teachers signing up with SSO gets a student role by default. The administrator may change this from their user management page easily.

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