Enable third-party login for Backpack

If you are tired of asking your users to create yet another account at yet another site, fret not! Padlet has something for you that is convenient as well as secure.

Enabling third-party login, otherwise known as single sign-on (SSO), is a secure and easy way to give access to your account. You can use your existing credentials with Google or Microsoft by turning on third-party login for Padlet Backpack.

We support SSO for Google, Microsoft, and SAML. If you are interested in SAML SSO, please contact us.

Only the owner of your Backpack account can enable third-party login.

Enable third-party login

  1. To enable third-party login, log into your unique Backpack account ending in padlet.org (i.e., hogwarts.padlet.org).
  2. From your dashboard, click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) > Settings > Organization info.
  3. Find the field to enable third-party login.
  4. Choose Google or Microsoft, depending on your email provider, and then hit save.

Now your login page will include SSO! Below is an image from a Backpack account with third-party login enabled for Google.

When you enable third-party login, a few other options will appear. Read below to learn more about these options.

For users to log in with Microsoft or Google, you must either add them to the account first OR turn on automatic account creation. Keep reading to learn how to turn on automatic account creation.

Create student accounts automatically

By default, enabling third-party login will allow existing users in your account to log in with SSO. If you want to automatically assign or provision licenses through SSO, you will need to enable this additional feature.

When you turn on the feature to create student accounts automatically, a user with your email domain can go to your unique Backpack URL, log in with SSO, and be assigned a student license.

If your students have a different email domain than yours, you can add that domain in the alternative email domain field. Don't forget to save!

These users will default to the Student role. If you want to add teachers to your account, consider sending invite links. Otherwise, you can edit user roles from the user management page.

Allow third-party login only

When you enable third-party login, we will still show the option to log in with password by default. If you want your users to use third-party login exclusively, you can enable this option. Then your login page will only display the third-party login option, and users will not be allowed to log in with a password. Below is an image from a Backpack account that allows third-party login only.

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