How do I turn on Google or Microsoft login for Backpack or Briefcase?

If you are tired of asking your users to create yet another account at yet another site, fret not! Padlet has something for you which is convenient as well as secure.

Using SSO, or single sign-on, is a secure and easy way to access your accounts. You can use your existing credentials with services like Google and Microsoft by turning on third-party login for Padlet Backpack and Padlet Briefcase.

We currently only offer Google and Microsoft logins. Only the administrator/owner of the account can enable this feature.
  1. To turn on Google/Microsoft login, log into your unique Backpack or Briefcase account, a URL ending in (i.e.
  2. Then, click on the Settings icon (⚙) on the bottom left and go to Organization info.
  3. Once you are in the Organization info, you will need to find the option to Enable third-party login.

Choose the correct setting depending on your provider (either Google or Microsoft) and click Save at the bottom.

If saved correctly, the Enable third-party login field will update to let you know that the login button is activated.

Now, when your users go to your Backpack or Briefcase account, they should see an option to log in through SSO.

For users to log in with Microsoft or Google, you must either add them to the account first OR turn on automatic account creation. Please keep reading for how to turn on automatic account creation.

Create Student Accounts Automatically

If you turn on third-party login, you can also allow automatic creation of user accounts by ticking this box in the same menu:

This option is only available if you turn on Google or Microsoft SSO.

Once you turn on automatic account creation, users with your email domain can go to your unique Backpack or Briefcase domain and click Log in with Google/Microsoft to automatically create an account.

You also have the option to add an alternative email domain.

If you add another domain here, we can automatically create accounts for either email domain.

Automatically created accounts default to the student role (Backpack) or member role (Briefcase). If you want to move users to the teacher or admin role, you can do this through the user management dashboard in your Backpack or Briefcase account.

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