You are able to mention other users to send them a notification.

How to create mentions

Create a mention the way you would on a social media site. Type '@' and then type the username. You can create mentions in the body of a post and in the comments!

When you post a mention, the recipient will receive an email notification. Then they can come back to the padlet and begin collaborating with you.

Anyone who can post can create a mention.

Who you can mention

You are always able to mention anyone who has posted or commented on the padlet. Admins of the padlet are also always able to mention anyone who has been sent an invitation as a collaborator on the padlet.

In organizations, admin-level members can mention anyone in the organization. Members below admin level can mention anyone in the organization who also has access to the padlet.

Mention notifications

When you mention a user, that user will receive a push notification and an email that looks like this.

Keep an eye out for them! You can update your notification preferences from your settings.

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