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Comments are great for when you want people to react to a post with text.

To enable comments, open the Settings panel of your padlet by clicking the Settings cog icon (⚙️) and go to the Engagement options. Then toggle comments ON.

When this feature is enabled, everyone will be able to comment in real time. Even if your padlet is set to Reader, others will still be able to comment.

You can use lots of formatting options within a post and in the comments! Some of these options include bold, italics, strikethrough and inline code. You can also mention other users by tagging them using the @ sign! Learn more about the formatting options and shortcuts here.

If the commenter is logged in to Padlet, the commenter's name and profile icon will appear above every comment. 

Comments can be edited or deleted by the commenter AND by the creator and admins of the padlet. To edit a comment, hover over it until the vertical three-dot ellipsis (...) appears. From the menu, you can choose Edit or Delete

Press Enter or click ➡ to save your comment. A timestamp should appear next to your name.


Why are my comments anonymous?
Comments will be recorded as anonymous if you are not logged into your account before commenting. Make sure you are logged in before commenting if you want your name to be recorded as the contributor.
Why aren't my comments saving?
When leaving a comment, make sure you press Enter or click the Send icon (➡). If you click outside the comment box, your work will unfortunately not be saved. One way to be sure your comment is submitted is to check for a timestamp which will appear next to your text.
Can I restrict commenting to only some people?
The short answer is no. However, there is a workaround! If you want to stop collecting comments, you can turn them OFF once your desired comments have been added. Existing comments will stay, but new comments will not be added.
When will I see new comments?
New comments should appear in real time. If you need to refresh to see new comments, please contact us.
What is the character limit for comments?
Comments have a character limit of 10,000.

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