Remake menu

When you Remake a padlet, you create a copy of that padlet that you can customize without impacting the original. Read below for more details on Remake options.

Remake menu

When you click the Remake button to copy a padlet, you are presented with a Remake menu. This allows you to customize what you copy from the original padlet. For example, you will see this menu if you Remake a padlet that you created.

Adjust the selections to choose what parts of the padlet to copy. Read on to learn more about each of the options.

Select account

If you have multiple accounts, you need to choose which account to Remake the padlet into. You can choose between your personal account and any other account you are part of.

Title and description

Customize the title and description of your copy of the padlet.

What to copy

You will always copy the design of the padlet, which includes the format and appearance. Choose whether to copy the posts as well.

Admin-only options

If you are the creator or an administrator of the padlet, you will also see these options.

If you Copy people and privacy, your remade padlet will be shared with any members you previously invited. It will also maintain the same privacy setting.

If you Copy authorship, the posts will maintain authorship, so your contributors can edit their posts on your remade padlet.

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