Remake a personal padlet in a team

When you join a Team, you are able to Remake padlets from your personal account in your Team. If you want to bring a padlet from your personal account to your Team, you Remake it within the Team. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the padlet you want to Remake on your Team.

I want to bring this padlet into my new Team, "Triangular Bunch Industries."

  1. Select the Remake button from the action bar

This will open the Remake menu. Learn more about Remaking padlets here.

  1. Select the Team you want to Remake the padlet in.
  1. Decide what you want to copy. You are able to copy the padlet's design, posts, people and privacy, and authorship.
  1. Select SUBMIT

This will Remake your padlet in your new Team.


Why isn't my Team showing up in my Remake menu?
If your Team doesn't show up in the Remake menu this is because you are not a member of the Team. Ensure that you are using the right account and that you have accepted an invitation to join the Team.
Why don't the posts show up in my remade padlet?
Ensure that you toggle the button next to 'Copy posts' to the ON position when you Remake the padlet.

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