How do I invite another moderator or administrator to my padlet?

Need extra hands in managing posts on your padlet? Invite people to help you out!

Moderators and administrators are given the privilege to view, write, edit and approve posts on a padlet.

  1. On your padlet, click SHARE on the top right side of the page.
  2. Click Invite members and enter the email address or username of your admin or moderator.
  3. Next, decide how the member can use your padlet by clicking the down arrow next to their name 🔽.
  • If you want people to help with content or post-editing, select Can Edit. By choosing Can Administer, you're giving full rights to this person, allowing them to change and even delete the padlet.

Please note: Multiple admins and moderators can be assigned to the same padlet.

  1. Once access is assigned, click outside the white panel and press SAVE.

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