Create and manage groups

Groups are a fantastic way to allow you to share padlets with groups of people easily. Groups can be used to organize members into smaller groups, such as classes, project teams or departments.

Say you have an entire class you'd like to invite to contribute posts onto your padlet. Instead of inviting them all individually, one at a time -> create a Group! You can add all your students from a particular class into a Group and invite them all at the same time.

Creating groups

Currently, to create a Group within your Backpack/Briefcase account, you will need to contact us and request a Groups form. We will send you a form to fill out and send back to us! Once we receive your completed form we will get started on creating your Group for you.

The self-serve option for creating Groups will be available in a later release.
If you want to get a head start, fill out this CSV form and send it to us! We can get started on creating your Group for you! Please allow 3-5 days for this to be completed on our end.

Who can create a Group

The Group feature is available to all users of Backpack and Briefcase accounts (Owners, Admins, Teachers and Students). However, only Owners, Admins and Teachers can actually create groups.

How to create a Group (with the self-serve feature)

TBD - Not yet released. Coming soon!

How to add/remove users from a Group

For now, if you wish to add users to your Group you will need to contact us so that we can do this for you. If you wish to remove users from your Group, you will need to reach out to us about this, as well. Once the self-serve feature is launched you will be able to do this without our assistance! Coming soon! :)

Once you have a Group (or Groups) created in your account, you can find them listed on your dashboard under Groups, as shown below:

Inviting a Group to collaborate

Once you have created your Group you can invite them to your padlet! To invite one of your Groups to collaborate on your padlet, it is very similar to inviting individual users. Simply open the padlet and click on the Share arrow on the top right side > type the name of your Group in the Add a collaborator field. Once you have selected your Group, click Invite!

You must be the Owner or the Admin of a padlet to add a Group as a collaborator.
The default setting for Groups will be set to Reader. The option to change this is directly beside the group after you click Invite. This is the same for individual collaborators that you invite.


What happens when members are added to a Group? How do they know they are a part of it? This is the same process as when you're invited individually to a padlet. All Group members will receive an email notification to let them know they've been added to a Group and invited to your padlet.


I'm a student in my Backpack account and I can't add a Group to collaborate on my padlet. I thought it was available to everyone?
First, you must be the Owner or Admin of a padlet to add a Group to your list of collaborators. If you are the Owner or Admin of the padlet, the following rules apply:

Teachers/Admins: Can add any Groups
Students: Can only add Groups they belong to
Can other members of my organization see my Groups?
On the dashboard, you can only see groups you are a member of. Within the Share panel, Owners/Admins/Teachers can search all groups within the tenant. Students can only search groups they are a member of.
I want everyone in my Group to have Writer permissions except for a select few. Can I separate the permissions within the Group to allow for this?
No. At this time, all Group members must share the same permissions. If one member of the Group has Writer permissions - they all have Writer permissions.
Can I add someone to more than one Group?
Yes! Users can be a part of multiple Groups at one time.

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