Change the owner of my team

If you are the owner of a Team, it is possible to set another Team member as Owner.

To change the Owner of your Team, head to your dashboard and click the three-dot ellipsis button (...) > Settings.

On your Settings page, head to the Members page of your Team.

If the user you want to make Owner is not a member of your team, you will need to invite them with the Invite button.

If the user you want to make Owner is part of your Team already, select that user's Team role button. This is the button that says the user's status in your Team. It may say Admin, Maker, or Contributor.

When you select this button, a window will pop up which will allow you to change that user's role. Select Owner.

You will be asked to confirm your decision to shift ownership. If you are certain you want this user to be the Owner of the Team, select Set as new owner.

If you set another user as Owner of your Team, only the new Owner can change you back. The new Owner will control every aspect of the Team. Change wisely!

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