Notification alert issues

Notifications can be a great way to keep up with everything as it's currently happening on your padlet or those you follow. But what if you keep receiving multiple notifications of the same thing? Or no notifications at all?

Too many notifications

If you're receiving too many notifications, you most likely need to revamp your Notification Settings. You will need to get them set up how you'd like to receive them. To read more about how to set up your notifications, click here.

If you continue to receive more notifications than you intended to, let us know and we can look into it for you!

Not receiving notifications at all

You may not receive certain notifications if you don't have your Notification Settings set appropriately. As above, click here to learn how to modify your notification options.

Mobile app

If the issue is on your mobile device, you can control notifications by going to your Notifications page. Just click the 3 dots (...) in the bottom-right of your dashboard. Click Settings, then click Notifications. From there, you can click on the channel on the right side that you want to enable notifications for.

Notifications are broken down into three categories, so make sure you take a look at each tab. 

Notifications will have to be turned ON within your Padlet and your mobile device to receive the notifications on our app.
We don't send notifications if a user is on the padlet the notification is for, does not have access to that padlet or initiated the activity that created the notification.

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