Padlet shortcuts

Padlet accommodates a variety of shortcuts that will help you make padlets faster and easier. Level up your padlet skills with the following tips and tricks.

Mouse shortcuts for Padlet

Drag and drop a file: Opens the post composer with content inside.

Drag and drop multiple files: Opens multiple post composers, each with one of the files. Click the icon on the right to publish all drafts. Check out this article for more info.

Double-click on padlet: Opens the post composer.

Double-click on post: Edit the post.

Double-click on padlet title: Edit the padlet settings.

To open attachments in a new tab, try the following:

Mac computers: Cmd + left click on the mouse
Windows computers: Ctrl + left click on the mouse

Keyboard shortcuts for Padlet

Windows users will use Control ^ and Mac users will use Command ⌘.

C: Creates a new post.

F: Goes fullscreen while using Slideshow.

Esc: Closes the post composer.

Cmd/Ctrl + Enter: Publishes the current post.

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Publishes the current post and starts a new post.

Cmd/Ctrl + V: Pastes clipboard content to a post.

Cmd/Ctrl + /: Opens the search panel in the dashboard

If using a screen reader and keyboard shortcuts are causing issues, you can toggle them ON/OFF by clicking the three-dot ellipsis button (...) on the bottom left of your dashboard > Settings > Basic info > at the bottom of the screen, toggle 'Keyboard shortcuts' ON or OFF.

Keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys (for formatting) text

Windows users will use Control ^ and Mac users will use Command ⌘.

Bold text: Cmd/Ctrl + B

Italic text: Cmd/Ctrl + I

Strikethrough text: Cmd/Ctrl + S

Highlight: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + H

Link: Cmd/Ctrl + K

Superscript: Cmd/Ctrl + period (.)

Subscript: Cmd/Ctrl + comma (,)

Quote: Cmd/Ctrl + >

Code block: Cmd/Ctrl + \

Math: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + M

Bulleted list: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + 8

Numbered list: Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + 7

Decrease indentation on bulleted/numbered lists: Shift + Tab

Increase indentation on bulleted/numbered lists: Tab

You can use these formatting hotkeys within the post body while creating posts. They can also be utilized in the comments section!

Markdown syntax

For bold, italic, s̶t̶r̶i̶k̶e̶t̶h̶r̶o̶u̶g̶h̶, and highlighted text, place your text in between the symbols shown below. For example, to type Favorite Books in bold, you would type **Favorite Books** To highlight the text, you would type ==Favorite Books==

Bold text: **bold**

Italic text: *italic*

Strikethrough text: ~~strikethrough~~

Highlight: ==highlight==

Bulleted list: Select either a -, +, or * and then a Space

Numbered list: 1. and then a Space

Quote: > and then a Space

Code block: ``` and then Enter

Other shortcuts When you navigate directly to, we will automatically create a new padlet for you to work on. This will default to the Wall format. If you want to start a padlet with a different format, try one of these URLs:

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