Set up or join Padlet Backpack

Sign up for Backpack

Being a member of a Backpack account unlocks more awesome features on Padlet! To access these features, you can create a sitewide account by signing for a 30-day free trial or joining a Backpack account someone has already set up for your organization.

  1. Go here to sign up for Padlet Backpack.
  2. Type in the fields required and click Continue.
  1. The next page will prompt you to do two things to get started:
If you want to start creating padlets, you can also skip these steps and return to them when you're ready to import and invite others.

Join a Backpack account

  1. Open the invitation email, click Go to your account. Otherwise, you can enter the specific Backpack link ending in
  2. Enter the email address and password assigned. You can also use the Forgot password link from the login page to change it.

If you have the mobile app, tap the link Log in here at the bottom and enter your organization's domain

If SSO registration is enabled for the Backpack account, use the Google or Microsoft button to log in.

Teachers signing up with SSO will get assigned a student role by default. The administrator can change this from their user management page easily. Learn more about roles.

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