What are the common Padlet terms?

  1. Archive: The temporary home for inactive padlets, often used to free up space in the Neon Plan limit. No additional posts can be added to an archived padlet.
  2. Attribution: Post attribution shows the name of the post author. A post author may be marked as 'anonymous' if participating as a guest (without a padlet account)
  3. Avatar: Your avatar is your profile image found on the top right corner of a padlet or next to the title.
  4. Backpack: It is a premium plan designed for schools. It offers an exclusive environment for teachers and students to collaborate.
  5. Briefcase: Similar to Backpack, Briefcase is a premium plan fit for businesses needing a members-only space sharing and creating padlets.
  6. Connector: Use connectors to form an association between posts. It is an option available in the Canvas format.
  7. Contributor: It refers to anyone on the internet who gets access to a padlet. Contributors may or may not have a padlet account.
  8. Cover image: Cover image is a tool used to assign a preview image for a padlet.
  9. Creator: The padlet owner.
  10. Folder: A premium feature that allows padlets to be grouped together.
  11. Format: Refers to the padlet layout. Options include Canvas, Timeline, Map, Stream, Wall, Shelf, and Grid
  12. Gold: An upgraded version of the free, Neon Plan. It allows users to create up to 20 padlets and bigger file uploads.
  13. Icon: The icon is an image that displays next to the padlet title. You can choose from dozens of emojis or add your own icon for a better representation of the padlet topic.
  14. Member: A member is a contributor explicitly invited to add to a padlet.
  15. Modify: It is represented by the cog icon. It is a tool used to change the title, description, wallpaper, post features, etc.
  16. Padlet Neon - Neon is the free version of padlet. Some users sometimes call it 'Basic' or 'Vanilla'
  17. Padlet: A padlet is a digital board that allows you to post content online to hold discussions, collaborate, and share with others.
  18. Post: It can be a text, photo, video, drawing, or gif. Any content added to a padlet is referred to as a post.
  19. Platinum: The premium version for individuals. It allows unlimited padlets, bigger file uploads, etc.
  20. Profile page: The profile page displays a user's avatar, bio, and public padlets.
  21. Public: To make a padlet available for search engines, choose Public for privacy settings
  22. Reactions: Tool to enable quantitative post feedback. Options include grades, star, heart, and upvotes
  23. Remake: To copy a padlet.
  24. Secret: This privacy option allows contributors to access a padlet with a link. No registration is required.
  25. User: A user can also be known as a contributor or guest collaborating on a padlet.

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