What are common Padlet terms?

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  1. Archive: The temporary home for inactive padlets, often used to free-up space in the basic plan limit. No additional posts can be added to an archived padlet.
  2. Attribution: Post attribution shows the name of the post author. A post author may be marked as 'anonymous' if participating as a guest (without a padlet account)
  3. Avatar: Your avatar is your profile image found on the top right corner of a padlet or next to the title.
  4. Backpack: It is a premium plan designed for schools. It offers an exclusive environment for teachers and students to collaborate.
  5. Basic (vanilla): Padlet basic is the free version of padlet. Some users sometimes call it 'Vanilla.'
  6. Briefcase: Similar to Backpack, Briefcase is a premium plan fit for businesses needing a members-only space sharing and creating padlets.
  7. Connector: Use connectors to form an association between posts. It is an option available in the Canvas format.
  8. Contributor: It refers to anyone on the internet who gets access to a padlet. Contributors may or may not have a padlet account.
  9. Cover image: Cover image is a tool used to assign a preview image for a padlet.
  10. Creator: The padlet owner.
  11. Folder: A premium feature that allows padlets to be grouped together.
  12. Format: Refers to the padlet layout. Options include Canvas, Timeline, Map, Stream, Backchannel, Wall, Shelf, and Grid
  13. Icon: The icon is an image that displays next to the padlet title. You can choose from dozens of emojis or add your own icon for better representation of the padlet topic.
  14. Member: A member is a contributor explicitly invited to add to a padlet.
  15. Modify: It is represented by the cog icon. It is a tool used to change the title, description, wallpaper, post features, etc.
  16. Padlet: A padlet is a digital board that allows you to post content online to hold discussions, collaborate, and share with others.
  17. Post: It can be a text, photo, video, drawing, or gif. Any content added to padlet is referred to as a post.
  18. Pro: The premium version for individuals. It allows unlimited padlets, folders, bigger file uploads, etc.
  19. Profile page: The profile page displays a user's avatar, bio, and public padlets.
  20. Public: To make a padlet available for search engines, choose Public for privacy settings
  21. Reactions: Tool to enable quantitative post feedback. Options include grades, star, heart, and upvotes
  22. Remake: To copy a padlet.
  23. Secret: This privacy option allows contributors to access a padlet with a link. No registration required.
  24. User: A user can also be known as a contributor or guests collaborating on a padlet.

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