How do I get started with a Team?

Starting a Team provides a dedicated space where your group can create, share, and collaborate on padlets. No more sharing links. All the Team's padlets will be accessible in one space right on the dashboard. Here's how to get started with your Team.

Create your Team

To start a Team you'll want to begin on your dashboard. There is a button on the left hand side of your dashboard with a small rounded rectangle and a plus sign, squared below. This is the new Team button. Click it!

This button will take you to the Create a Team page. This is where you can name your team and set it up with a custom html. You can also stick with your randomly generated Team name.

Decide on a plan

Once you're satisfied with your team name and url you can click Continue and you'll be asked whether want a Team Neon plan or a Team Gold plan. You can find the differences here. The main idea is that Team Neon is free and limits the number of padlets your team can make while Team Gold offers unlimited padlets but is paid based on the number of Makers/Admins you add.

Invite Teammates

To invite other users to your team, start on your dashboard and click the three dot ellipsis (...) on the bottom left hand side of your screen. From there, select the button that says Settings, squared in red below.

On your profile Settings page, scroll down to your team on the left side of your screen and select the button that says Members under your team's title, squared below.

From your team's Members page, select the button that says Invite. You can copy an invite link specific to the role you want the invitee to occupy on your team. All you need to do is Enable the link, copy the link and send it to the user you want to invite.

Assign roles to your teammates

In the Members section of your Team Settings page you will notice that every member of your team has a role. Your role on the team will be owner and that means you have control over the Team, it's members, and are responsible for any Billing changes or payments.

It is important to assign roles to your teammates because a team member's role dictates their capabilities within the team.

Admins can contribute to padlets, make new padlets, and invite new team members and edit member roles.

Makers can contribute to padlets and make new padlets.

Contributors can contribute to existing padlets.

remember that if you are on a Team Gold plan you will be billed based on the number of Admins/Makers in your team.

Admins and the owner can edit a teammate/s role by selecting that teammate's role on the team settings Members page.

Start making padlets!

Making a padlet that will live in your team is almost the exact same as making a regular padlet. You start from your dashboard and select Make a padlet, squared below.

When you make the padlet, be certain it is set to be made in your team. You can control where your padlet is going to be made in the window that opens after you select 'Make a padlet', squared below.

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