Are there shortcuts for Padlet?

Padlet accommodates a variety of shortcuts that will help you make padlets faster and easier. Level up your padlet skills with the following tips and tricks.

Mouse shortcuts:

Drag and drop a file: Open the post composer with content inside.

Drag and drop multiple files: Open multiple post composers, each with one of the files. Click the icon on the right to publish all drafts.

Double-click on padlet: Open post composer

Double-click on post: Edit post

Double-click on padlet title: Edit padlet settings

Keyboard shortcuts:

Windows users will use Control ^ and Mac users will use Command ⌘.

C: Create a new post

Esc: Close post composer

Cmd/Ctrl + Enter: Publish current post

Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Enter: Publish current post and start a new post

Cmd/Ctrl + V: Paste clipboard content to a post

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