Change preview image for a post

A picture is worth 1000 words! Therefore, the perfect picture must represent each post on your padlet. - Say that three times really fast.

You're making a padlet full of the world's tastiest treats and you link a website to one of your posts. Everything else on the padlet looks decadent and delicious and then your post is published -- but not with the perfectly carved out dessert picture you'd imagined -- but a picture of the PDF with the recipe on it instead. Boo! How do you change it?

How do you go from this?
To this?

Instead of posting the link, upload your preferred image as an attachment. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the (+) button in the bottom-right corner of the padlet to create a post.
  2. Click the Upload button in the post modal to upload your image as an attachment.
  3. In the post body, paste the link or create a hyperlink (copy link > type the text you want displayed on your post > highlight the text > click the chain icon > paste link).

Now, you can have the perfect image for your perfect post!

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