Required fields

Requiring certain areas of your posts be filled out before submission is a highly requested feature that is now available at your fingertips!

Choose to require all fields or just a select few!

How to use required fields

Open your padlet and click the Settings cog (⚙️) on the right-hand side. Under the 'Posts' section, click Post fields. The Post fields menu will pop up with all of your options!

Select the part of your post you'd like to customize and you can toggle the button ON next to 'Required.' Don't forget to hit Save!

All parts of your post (subject, attachments, body and custom fields) can be required! All required fields will be indicated with an asterisk (*) when composing a post.

What happens if someone tries to Publish a post without the Required field? They will receive an error message that displays at the top of the page for a few seconds before returning to the unpublished post.

Disable required fields

Follow the same steps as above -- but instead -- toggle the button next to 'Required' to the OFF position.

Will turning OFF Required fields after posts have been made with them ON cause issues with my padlet?
Nope! If you required certain fields and posts have been made, when you turn them off they will simply no longer be required. All posts made previously will retain the information and all new posts will not require that area be filled out.
Can I have more than one Required field turned on at the same time?
Yes! As few or as many fields within your post can have Required fields turned ON. Select from your subject, attachments, body and/or custom fields!

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