Blocking spam links

If you click a link on a padlet that sends you to an outside site, Padlet performs a safety check on the link. If we determine that the link is dangerous, we present a warning screen that looks like this:

We allow you to accept the risk and proceed to the outside site, but bear in mind that you may face grave consequences.


How does Padlet determine which links are dangerous?
Padlet performs checks on various aspects of outbound links. Our process is algorithmic and imperfect. We may warn you before visiting sites that are unsafe. Best practice is to be aware of where you will end up whenever you click a link.
Why does Padlet allow me to proceed to a site it has deemed dangerous?
First of all, there is no way to accurately determine the safety of all links. Our determination process merely identifies links we deem to have a higher risk. Risk is present in all aspects of life. We allow you to accept this risk so long as you are aware we've warned you.

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