Recover a deleted padlet

Previously, if you deleted a padlet accidentally, it was instantly purged from our servers, never to be seen again. We've heard all your cries of frustration and have implemented a solution!

Recently deleted padlets

If you delete a padlet it will now appear in the Trashed collection on your dashboard for 30 days.

You can see how long you have left to restore your padlet by visiting your Trashed collection. The leftover days will be indicated under that particular padlet.

You will only have 30 days to restore your padlet before it is automatically and permanently deleted from our database. Once it is deleted it will be gone for good! Use caution when trashing padlets.

So how do you restore your padlet?

On your dashboard, go to your Trashed collection > locate the padlet you want to restore > click on the vertical three-dot ellipsis button (...) next to the padlet > click Restore.

What happens if you visit a padlet that has already been trashed?

You will be directed to the page shown below. It will need to be restored before it can be viewed again.

If you have difficulty locating a padlet that you believe you should still have access to - feel free to use our Contact Us form and let us know the email address associated with your Padlet account, along with the title and/or the URL of your deleted padlet.

Can I see Trashed padlets from other users in my Team? Classroom? Padlet for Schools account?
No. The only Trashed padlets you can see are your own.
Who can trash a padlet?
Padlets can be trashed, restored and permanently deleted by the wall owner/creator only! You cannot restore a padlet if the user/library is at its quota of active padlets or if the library's trial has expired.
I have multiple padlets I want to recover from the Trashed collection. Is there an easy way to do this?
Absolutely! Instead of clicking Restore for one padlet at a time you can use a shortcut! Use Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and left click on each padlet you need. A pop-up menu will appear where you can click Restore for all selected padlets.

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