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Troubleshooting Intermittent Padlet Issues

At Padlet we do our best to help our users solve issues they face along the way. However; nobody is perfect, and there will always be problems that are hard to get a handle on. 

We think the key to fixing a problem is to define it well. Often we need help and a lot more information. 

Besides our apps, Padlet is used in a lot of our web browsers, and Google Chrome is one of the most popular. Google Chrome comes with some tools that are often really useful at helping us figure out why a problem exists in the first place. If a problem is intermittent, a screen-sharing session might not be possible. The list below offers some steps to follow to use Google Chrome to help our team of developers figure out what the issue is.

Step 1: Install a screen recording software and prepare to record

If you're on a Mac, you can use Quick Time Player. It comes pre-installed. You can read how to use Quick Time Player to record your screen here.

If you're on a Windows computer, you can use a tool like this free Online Screen Recorder. The installation process is minimal.

Step 2: Use Padlet like you usually do

If it's an intermittent issue, keep using Padlet normally, and eventually, the issue should appear.

Step 3: Just before the issue presents itself, launch Google Chrome's Developer Tools

In Chrome, go to View > Developer > Javascript Console. A panel should pop out, similar to what you see below.

If you're wondering how to close the panel, click on the X on its top right. Closing the tab will also remove it from your screen.

The panel displays errors that happen on the page. The errors hint at why something is happening.

Use Padlet and trigger the issue in the next step.

Step 4: Reproduce the issue while recording your screen

Try to get your issue to show up again with the above panel visible while you're recording your screen.

Step 5: More panels!

We need a bit more information beyond the readouts on the Javascript Console mentioned in Step 3. 

You'll notice another tab -- Network -- in the panel that pops out. Let's click on that.

Step 6: Reproduce the issue while recording what happens in the Network tab

You'll notice a lot of activity like what you're seeing below. All that activity serves as hints to developers as well.

Step 7: In the Network tab, right-click on any one of the entries and select Save All as HAR with content

This should save a .har file to your file system.

Step 8: Send those recordings and the .har file over to our contact-us page or in reply to correspondence with Padlet developers

We really appreciate it!

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