How can I make sure my name appears on a post?

Showing your name on your posts creates a more inclusive, safe environment for everyone participating in the padlet and will enable all users involved to have the best experience possible.

Make sure attributions are turned on

For usernames to show up on posts added to a padlet Attributions must be set to on in the padlet's settings. If you are not an admin on the padlet you will have to request this change from an admin. If you are an admin you can toggle this setting by clicking the settings cog in the top right corner of your padlet and toggling Attributions to 'on.'

Make sure you're logged in

To ensure your name appears on your posts on a padlet shared with you, please make sure that you are first logged into your account before posting. Being logged into your account allows Padlet to recognize you as a user.

If you are not logged into your account first, your post will be labeled as 'anonymous.' Not to worry: one workaround is to type your name as the title of your post.

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