How do I make copies of a padlet

To make a copy of a padlet, go to the upper right corner of the page and hit REMAKE. This will make a copy of the padlet that you can customize like any other.

When you click the button, options will be available to change the settings of the remade Padlet. Here's an overview of the settings.

What to copy

This setting allows you to copy just the elements you want whether it's design only (Copy design) or the entire padlet complete with posts and attachments (Copy posts)

Admin-only options

You won't see these unless you are an admin of the padlet you are copying.

Copy People and Privacy - Under this section, you can copy the privacy/sharing settings of the original padlet. If you have set the original as password protected padlet, ticking the box would make the cloned padlet password protected as well bearing the same password as the original wall.

Copy authorship - Tick this box if you want original authors to be able to modify posts they have created from the original padlet.

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