How do I change the color of my header?

Particular about color coordination on your Padlet walls? Same, bestie. It's the ✨aesthetics✨ for me. Come on, sometimes color-blocking could be an eyesore.

Currently, we don't have a feature to edit the color scheme BUT there's a turnaround! To do this, choose your preferred wallpaper under the Modify section and you would see that the title bar adjusts itself to blend well with the wallpaper.

Like a chameleon, the title bar or header adjusts to the wallpaper of your choice.

Don't forget to hit SAVE once you've picked the wallpaper of your choice!

Do I have to have a title bar?

Not anymore! We now have the option for you to elect for a transparent title bar

Step 1: Click the modify cog and get to this screen. Press the arrow next to wallpaper.

Step 2: Get here from the arrow next to the wallpaper. Press +Add your own wallpaper.

Step 3: Once you are on Add your own wallpaper you will be able to get to the screen that allows you to pick a transparent title. Really turning up the aesthetic bestie!

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