Do you have a cheaper Platinum option?

Instead of our monthly Platinum plan, you can purchase our annual Platinum plan instead (you save 20% over the course of the year).

We now have a new membership plan too, it's called our Gold plan. If you want more than the three padlets offered in the Neon plan and you don't need the unlimited Platinum plan, you can now opt for a perfect middle ground with 20 padlets, a 100MB file upload limit, and a better, more affordable price compared to Platinum.

The Gold plan is currently available on web and is coming soon to our mobile app.

These changes are designed to give you the freedom to pay for as much Padlet as you need. You can always downgrade or upgrade in your Billing page without any stress. No matter what change you make to your membership, we will never force you to delete the padlets you’re already working on.

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