Are student licenses necessary?

Updated 2 months ago by Amanda Wucher

When considering purchasing a Backpack subscription, you may be wondering if you should only include teacher licenses or if you should include your students as well.

You can decide if you would like only teacher licenses or student + teacher licenses. There is no 'right' answer-just what works best for your needs.

To help you decide if you would like to purchase student licenses as well, please see this Link

If you choose not to have student licenses, please see the following information:

  • Names only display for users who have signed up for a Padlet account. Since non-registered users are allowed to post on a padlet by default, what happens is that Padlet does not have any data to that would associate a person to the written content. Thus, Padlet marks guests users as 'anonymous.'
  • If you do not have student licenses, one way you could ensure that you know which student is posting is by asking your students to type their name at the beginning of their post.
  • Whether or not you choose to purchase student licenses, anyone with a link to a padlet can access it as long as the padlet owner's privacy settings are adjusted accordingly.

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