Are student licenses necessary for a backpack account?

When considering purchasing a Backpack subscription, you may be wondering if you should only include teacher licenses or if you should include your students as well.

You can decide if you would like only teacher licenses or student + teacher licenses. There is no 'right' answer-just what works best for your needs.

A license allows students to:

  • Create unlimited padlets
  • Organize their work in folders
  • Upload up to 500MB files on student-created padlets
  • Authenticate automatically with Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Canvas)
  • Comment and Post with their usernames on padlets created by teachers. Otherwise, the post/comment will appear as an Anonymous user. See the screenshot below. This is useful for attributing content to students as well as preventing abusive content from being posted under anonymous handles.
  • Be recognized as a member of the school and hence have access to padlets shared with the privacy setting Org-wide. This is how an anonymous post would appear on your padlet:

If you do not need these features for students, then you do not need student licenses

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