How do I know I am the admin of a Backpack account?

Need confirmation that you're already the admin of a Backpack account? Here's how you can tell!

For a more in-depth article on how each role differs, please refer to the article here.

To start, please press the three dots in the bottom far left corner of the screen. When you press the three dots, this screen will appear.

Manage People

You'll see the Manage People button on the screen. This leads you to the User Management Page where you'll be able to add, edit, and even delete access of student and teacher members.

Account-wide Settings

This is where you'll be able to change the logo, name of the school, set the default privacy setting, and even enable a third-party login. You can find this on your Settings page.

You'll have other Admin-only powers like updating payment details for the account.

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