How to manage your Backpack organizational settings

Only the owner of a Backpack account has access to the organization settings and billing information. If you're the owner, you can customize your organization settings by clicking the settings wheel (⚙️) in the bottom left corner of your dashboard and going to Settings >> Organization info. Here, you can change your institution name and Backpack domain. You can also access other features, which are outlined below.

  1. Change your logo: You can change the logo of your Padlet domain to your school logo. The logo will appear on your login screen and dashboard.
  2. Enable third-party login: You can enable Google or Microsoft SSO. Once you enable third-party login, you can also enable automatic student account creation if you want to allow students to automatically get an account without you having to add them manually. 
  3. Default padlet privacy: You can set the default privacy of padlets created in your account.
  4. Learning Management Systems: You can integrate Padlet with your school’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform using our LTI connectors. These connectors allow teachers to easily add padlets as assignments to the LMS. An account is automatically created for students if they do not have one when they access the assignment from the LMS. Check out the instructions below for your LMS. LMS connectors are provided as a paid add-on so if your membership does not include it, reach out to us.

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