Why can I see other people's padlets on my dashboard?

You might see other people's padlets on your dashboard. These padlets will be in your Recents folder, Shared folder, or Liked folder.

Here's what determines which padlets show up in each folder and how to remove them if possible:

Shared folder

  • The padlets that show up on your shared page are padlets that you are a collaborator on, padlets that you have posted on, commented on, reacted to, or padlets in your organization that you have access to.
  • You can remove padlets you're a collaborator on or padlets you've contributed to, but you can't remove padlets from your organization from your shared page. Find more information on how to remove padlets from the shared folder.

Liked folder

  • The padlets in your liked folder are those that you have liked. Unlike a padlet to remove it from this folder.

Recents folder

  • Your Recents folder is populated by the 8 most updated padlets from the following group: made padlets, shared padlets, liked padlets, padlets by users you follow and can access.
  • To remove shared padlets or liked padlets, follow the instructions above. To remove padlets from users you follow, unfollow those users and refresh your page.
If you have a Neon or Gold membership, don't worry! padlets made by other people will not affect your quota.

Right now, there isn't a way to delete padlets from your dashboard, but stay tuned because we are working on a solution to help customize your dashboard! In the meantime, if you only want to see your own padlets, you can stay in your Made folder. Your Made folder will always contain only the padlets you've made.

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