How do I delete my team? What happens to the padlets?

Creating a team at Padlet is a great way to share thoughts, swap photos, lock in plans and communicate important details in the classroom, workplace, or community.

But as with things in life, some things are bound to change. Projects end, students graduate, and bands break up. Deleting a team involves a few steps but it's not complicated or time-consuming.

Here's how to do it:

1. Open on your device and click the horizontal three dots on the bottom left.

2. Select Settings > Delete a team

3. You may be prompted to log in to verify your ownership of the account. Once signed in, proceed with the deletion.

4. Finally, type in the 4-digit code in the box to complete the removal.

5. Click Delete team

Please note that this deletes the team and padlets for EVERYONE, so proceed with caution.

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