Do I have to pay for adding members to my team?

If you add members to the team as the team administrator, you will be charged the subscription fee per maker.

What is a maker?

A maker refers to a member who has the padlet-making capability, particularly the admin, owner, and maker. Contributors invited to collaborate on team padlets do not count toward the paid plan. Learn more about roles here

How will I be billed?

The additional seats will be charged, depending on your chosen plan and the time at which the maker was added.

For example, if you add a paid member after half of your subscription duration has passed (15 days for a monthly subscription), the subscription fee will be adjusted and you will be charged 50% less. Depending on when you add a maker, you will be charged accordingly.

When will I be billed?

When you add or remove makers from your team you will be billed 24 hours after that change. This gives you time to make multiple adjustments to the maker count in a day and only be billed once.

You will also be billed as normal at the end of the billing period every month/year depending on the plan you chose.

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