What does the catscan feature do?

Catscan lets you take photos of physical note and add them to padlet as individual digital posts. On a padlet you can easily move them around, add captions and connect each then to other posts with arrows. And because it's online, it becomes easily shareable 🤗

Catscan is currently available on iOS devices only.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign in to your padlet account
  2. Press Make
  3. Tap Catscan on the top right
  1. Choose an option to upload posts: Photo Library or Camera
  1. Tap 'Capture' at the bottom of the screen and wait a few seconds for the padlet to be generated

A new padlet will be created with scanned notes. You can open the app or use a web browser to edit, reorganize or add new posts on the padlet.

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